Media Production & Dissemination

Shayan offers production services to a variety of local and international clients, including script writing and production of audio programs, TV PSAs, short films and animations, documentaries, print production and professional photography. Our Creative Department’s multi-cultural experts advise the Production Department to ensure production of culturally sensitive products and programming. A team of experienced producers advise and provide training on editing and contemporary post-production techniques of radio and TV programs, as well as products used for dissemination through digital platforms.

Since 2016, we have been a partner for various media production and dissemination programs in Afghanistan. We have also produced exclusive programming and products for other international and local customers, including the UN agencies and civil society organizations.

Our Creative and Production Departments also produce concepts and products using illustration, animation, and satire as the new means to reach audiences in complex environments.

Media Dissemination

Shayan disseminates its media products through a variety of local and international platforms. We maintain permanent working relations with national media in the countries of our presence or operation. To further ensure products reach the intended audiences in each country, our Creative Department and dissemination teams collaborate in concept development, development of prototypes, storyboards and scripts with due consideration of cultural and contextual sensitivities. Depending on the priorities of our customers, we present a variety of dissemination plans through traditional and digital media, including television, radio, newspapers, wire agencies, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube.

To ensure that products are received well in the audience bases of our partner mediums, we integrate local terminologies and accents with the national literature and commonly spoken dialects.

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