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Established in 2016, Shayan Media Services LLC is a consulting firm with proven expertise and experience in providing analysis services and design and implementation of multimedia campaigns. Registered primarily in the United States, and in Afghanistan under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Shayan manages its operations through its offices in the United States, Turkey and Pakistan. A team of PR and strategic communication experts has led the company as it has grown over the years both in terms of size and the scope of its operation. Shayan’s current area of operation includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Central Asia.

Shayan has provided messaging, media monitoring and analysis, promotion, and cultural mobilization services to a variety of international and national customers in Afghanistan. Throughout the years, Shayan has partnered in the implementation of contracts from THE diplomatic community, the United Nations agencies, and national and local civil society organizations. Enjoying broad relation with key segments of populations in its areas of operation, Shayan remains the leading company with unmatched capability to achieve media production, media dissemination, and cultural and social mobilization programs.

Prior to the fall of Afghanistan’s republic government in August 2021, Shayan’s Country Office for Afghanistan was headquartered in Kabul, with regional offices in Kandahar, Bamyan, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar.

After the fall of Afghanistan’s government, Shayan took immediate steps to ensure continuity of ongoing programs and added new experts to the team to diversify and expand the company’s footprint and area of operation in the region. This dynamic approach has enabled the company to effectively support and expand its Afghanistan operation, and simultaneously expand operation to other regional countries.

As a professional media and service provider, Shayan remains committed to the highest standards of professionalism, neutrality, non-partisanship, and quality. The company takes benefit of demographic and cultural diversities of each society in the design of targeted public messaging strategies to ensure fulfillment of its strategic communication goals. Local knowledge, complemented by years of technical expertise, has been the critical factor of the company’s success in its diverse area of operation.

Shayan specializes in the following areas:

  1. Monitoring & contextual analysis focused on traditional and social media.
  2. Design & implementation of public messaging strategies, projects.
  3. Media production and dissemination.
  4. Translation and localization.
  5. Management of social media influencers and journalist networks.
  6. Advising governments and companies on PR and messaging strategies targeting populations in the company’s area of operation.

    1. Media monitoring & analysis

      Since 2016 we operate country-exclusive 24/7 media monitoring capabilities with the capacity to produce breaking news alerts, regular daily news clips and comprehensive analysis products, and more as per the needs of our clients. Our open source monitoring capability includes monitoring of news bulletins and commentary shows on all national, and local outlets providing concise synopses of views, reactions, reflections and level of traction of engagements by government and non-government parties. The analytical products are inclusive and provide in-depth insight about ongoing trends and the key narratives. Shayan’s monitoring service is rendered by teams of dedicated professionals for whom accuracy and fast turnaround are the two key standards. Monitoring service is offered in English, Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, Russian and Dari languages, plus recording of programs and shows for verification purposes.

      Our customized products are tailored to meet the needs and priorities of our customers, focused on mainly on the political, security, socio-economic, and human rights situation of host countries. We also provide regular updates about socio-political discontent, armed conflicts and situation of minorities and socially marginalized groups.

    2. Social Media Monitoring

      Shayan offers exclusive social media monitoring focused on key trends and narratives in Afghanistan. The service focuses mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — the most common platforms in our areas of operation. We provide concise English synopses reflecting the views of national influencers, government officials, civil society activists, opposition figures and parties, as well as public reactions to key national developments and narratives.

      Of key importance is the reflection of national and local discourse to present factual context of the ongoing situation in each respective country. We also reflect the views of citizen journalists and diasporas from countries experiencing state restriction and censorship on free press and open dialogue. Social media monitoring service is offered in English from Dari, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, and Russian. To meet the demands of our customers, we also provide full readouts and transcripts of key statements by key officials and influencers.

    3. Media Production

      Shayan offers production services to a variety of local and international clients, including script writing and production of audio programs, TV PSAs, short films and animations, documentaries, print production and professional photography. Our Creative Department’s multi-cultural experts advise the Production Department to ensure production of culturally sensitive products and programming. A team of experienced producers advise and provide training on editing and contemporary post-production techniques of radio and TV programs, as well as products used for dissemination through digital platforms.

      Since 2016, we have been a partner for various media production and dissemination programs in Afghanistan. We have also produced exclusive programming and products for other international and local customers, including the UN agencies and civil society organizations.

      Our Creative and Production Departments also produce concepts and products using illustration, animation, and satire as the new means to reach audiences in complex environments.

    4. Media Dissemination

      Shayan disseminates its media products through a variety of local and international platforms. We maintain permanent working relations with national media in the countries of our presence or operation. To further ensure products reach the intended audiences in each country, our Creative Department and dissemination teams collaborate in concept development, development of prototypes, storyboards and scripts with due consideration of cultural and contextual sensitivities. Depending on the priorities of our customers, we present a variety of dissemination plans through traditional and digital media, including television, radio, newspapers, wire agencies, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube.

      To ensure that products are received well in the audience bases of our partner mediums, we integrate local terminologies and accents with the national literature and commonly spoken dialects.

    5. Messaging Through Influencer Networks

      Shayan is a leading player in the formation and management of country-exclusive influencer networks in its strategic communication programs. Depending on the scope of our programs, as well as the intended audience bases, we form new influencer networks, or expanding our existing capability to reinforce themes and the core messages. The influencer networks are comprised of renowned local figures, civil society activists, leaders of youth groups and student associations, journalists and social media figures.

      To this end, we have successfully implemented several youth mobilization drives at national and local levels, led by social influencer enablers from among the respective audience bases.

      To address key strategic communication concerns in environments impacted by censorship, we collaborate with diaspora groups in the design and implementation of our communication programs. As applicable, a variety of messaging options and tools are proposed to our customers, including the use of illustrations, animation and satire.

    6. Translation and Transcription Services

      Shayan provides fast-track professional translation and transcription services to its customers. Key criteria in our localization assignments are accuracy and timeliness. Our translators and editors are professionals in Farsi, English, Pashto, Russian and Dari. Cultural and cross-cultural experts review translated documents and messaging materials to ensure that the materials are of highest quality and that local sensitivities are considered.

    7. Software Development

      Using modern software design platforms and talented engineers your product will be scalable, easy to manage, and built with automation and efficiency in mind.

      Beside being a leading media partner, Shayan is also the trusted partner for its customers in Software Development. Led by our Chief Technology Officer, from responsive web apps to hybrid and fully native, we can build the type of app you need.

  • Presence

    Our current area of operation includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia.

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