Media Monitoring & Analysis

Since 2016 we operate country-exclusive 24/7 media monitoring capabilities with the capacity to produce breaking news alerts, regular daily news clips and comprehensive analysis products, and more as per the needs of our clients. Our open-source monitoring capability includes monitoring of news bulletins and commentary shows on all national, and local outlets providing concise synopses of views, reactions, reflections and level of traction of engagements by government and non-government parties. The analytical products are inclusive and provide in-depth insight about ongoing trends and the key narratives. Shayan’s monitoring service is rendered by teams of dedicated professionals for whom accuracy and fast turnaround are the two key standards. Monitoring service is offered in English, Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, Russian and Dari languages, plus recording of programs and shows for verification purposes.

Our customized products are tailored to meet the needs and priorities of our customers, focused on mainly on the political, security, socio-economic, and human rights situation of host countries. We also provide regular updates about socio-political discontent, armed conflicts and situation of minorities and socially marginalized groups.

Social Media Monitoring

Shayan offers exclusive social media monitoring focused on key trends and narratives in Afghanistan. The service focuses mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — the most common platforms in our areas of operation. We provide concise English synopses reflecting the views of national influencers, government officials, civil society activists, opposition figures and parties, as well as public reactions to key national developments and narratives.

Of key importance is the reflection of national and local discourse to present factual context of the ongoing situation in each respective country. We also reflect the views of citizen journalists and diasporas from countries experiencing state restriction and censorship on free press and open dialogue. Social media monitoring service is offered in English from Dari, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, and Russian. To meet the demands of our customers, we also provide full readouts and transcripts of key statements by key officials and influencers.

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