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As a professional media and service provider, Shayan remains committed to the highest standards of professionalism, neutrality, non-partisanship, and quality.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

Since 2016 we operate country-exclusive 24/7 media monitoring capabilities with the capacity to produce breaking news alerts, regular daily news clips and comprehensive analysis products, and more as per the needs of our clients

Social Media Monitoring

Shayan offers exclusive social media monitoring focused on key trends and narratives in Afghanistan. The service focuses mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — the most common platforms in our areas of operation

Media Production

Shayan offers production services to a variety of local and international clients, including script writing and production of audio programs, TV PSAs, short films and animations, documentaries, print production and professional photography

Media Dissemination

Shayan disseminates its media products through a variety of local and international platforms. We maintain permanent working relations with national media in the countries of our presence or operation. To further ensure products reach the intended audiences in each country, our Creative Department and dissemination teams collaborate in concept development, development of prototypes, storyboards and scripts with due consideration of cultural and contextual sensitivities

Messaging Through Influencer Networks

Shayan is a leading player in the formation and management of country-exclusive influencer networks in its strategic communication programs. Depending on the scope of our programs, as well as the intended audience bases, we form new influencer networks, or expanding our existing capability to reinforce themes and the core messages

Translation and Transcription Services

Shayan provides fast-track professional translation and transcription services to its customers. Key criteria in our localization assignments are accuracy and timeliness. Our translators and editors are professionals in Farsi, English, Pashto, Russian and Dari.

Software Development

Our talented engineers use cutting edge software design platforms to ensure your product will be scalable, easy to manage, and built with automation and efficiency in mind.

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